Who Uses Storage Units? 8 Types Of People Who Use Them & Why

Storage units are a handy way to temporarily store your stuff, and people who use them usually do so for a number of common reasons.

These are the typical reasons that people use self storage units.

Who uses storage units?

1. People who are selling their home

When selling your home, you’ll need to remove all of your possessions by the settlement date. And in some cases, you may not have purchased another home in time, and so may need to move your furniture or other large items into storage until you do.

2. People who are renovating

Home renovations are messy and disruptive. Entire rooms need to be cleared of furniture, and there may not be enough space in the rest of the house to store it. Storage units are the ideal solution in this case, providing a secure place to keep your furniture and other belongings until they can be returned to their original spot in your home.

3. People who are going travelling

Travelling is one of the most enjoyable and mind-expanding things we can do, so it’s no wonder that some people decide to give up their day job to spend months meandering around a fresh country. And if they’re selling their home or giving up their rental lease for their travels, all of their belongings must be stored somewhere until they return.

4. People who need to store their family member’s belongings

If you’re the executor of the estate for a recently deceased family member, you have the stressful responsibility of arranging and storing their belongings, until they can be handled as outlined in the will. And if your family member’s house is also being sold (a common scenario), self storage can be the ideal place to store the items until they’re ready to be handed on or sold.

5. People with nomadic jobs

Some jobs require people to constantly move from place to place for long periods of time, and find themselves without a permanent residence. This can be tricky if the person has furniture or other large belongings that they don’t want to sell, and are too big and expensive to take with them. Putting these items into self storage is the ideal temporary solution.

6. People who are downsizing

Downsizing your home has many benefits—cheaper mortgage, less furniture to buy, less cleaning, live closer to the city, etc.—but you may not be willing to sell every one of your belongings, especially those with sentimental value. And with less space to store them in your smaller home, self storage is your affordable go-to.

7. People who want to store their vehicle safely

If you have an expensive vehicle that you’re leaving for a long period, self storage can be a handy way to keep it safe and secure until you return. Storage facilities often have 24-hour security, so that you can be confident that your prized possession is in good hands.

8. People who buy too much stuff!

We live in a consumer-capitalist society, and some people get so carried away with their spending that every square metre of their home becomes filled with stuff until it’s ready to burst. When this happens, and the spending continues, the old stuff typically gets replaced by new stuff, and rather than being sold or thrown away, often finds its way to a self storage facility.